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Aerodynamics Laboratory

Since 02 November 2009 in BSHC-BAS a new aerodynamics research and training laboratory is functioning. Its purpose is to perform up-to-date for the Bulgarian economy research investigations in the fields of:

* air pressure loading of constructions of industrial and civil buildings;

* air resistance of transport objects;

* metrological security of air flows characteristics measuring instruments;

* ecology;

* national defense ,

as well as for training and presentation purposes.


The laboratory is built with the financial assistance of the National Scientce Fund affiliated to the Ministry of Education and Science under a project “Building and development of research infrastructure in the natural sciences field”. It is used in a consortium together with “Fr.Nansen” Institute of Oceanology (BAS) and N.Y.Vaptsarov Naval Academy .



* Aerodynamics Laboratory

* Wind Tunnel

* Air Filters Test Stand

* Multifunctional Aerodynamic Stand

* Educational Centre


At the creati on of the laboratory consecutively are put and solved important organizational, research and applied tasks such as: formulation of a common conception for the research and applied activities; stipulation of the technical requirements toward the parameters and the respective documents for the production and delivery of new up-to-date measuring equipment; preparation of projects and construction of automative measuring and control system in the aerodynamics lab; setting up of a computer network in the lab and its connection to the BSHC's network

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