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The stand consists of a chamber with diameter 800 mm, length 1600 mm and a set of modules permitting the performance of various aerodynamic tests:

- determination of fans aerodynamic characteristics at conditions of suction from chamber. It permits the performance of fan tests with suction flange diameter up to 400 mm. At these conditions the static pressure of the tested fan is measured in uniform velocity field. The lab has a system for fan's revolutions control using frequency inverter. The stand permits tests with or without auxiliary fan.

- determination of the aerodynamic parameters of ventilation grilles and air distributors when tested in chamber where excessive pressure is supported. The grilles, air distributors resistance, as well as the velocity field in the leakage zone are investigated;

- the stand could be used as an open wind tunnel. A nozzle with outlet diameter d=350 mm is used and outflow from the basic chamber with compression coefficient 5.20 is realized.





* Aerodynamics Laboratory

* Wind Tunnel

* Air Filters Test Stand

* Multifunctional Aerodynamic Stand

* Educational Centre


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