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Aerodynamics Laboratory> Educational Centre

View towards the educational centre from the wind tunnel hall

Holding a lecture at the educational centre

N.Y.Vaptsarov Naval Academy cadets during laboratory lectures


Technical University Varna students during laboratory lectures




The educational centre is situated in the close proximity of the wind tunnel hall.

There are 16 workplaces in it. As per the project 9 computers have been delivered and they are connected to an automated system for data acquisition and processing, as well as a multimedia system and a screen.

Since the beginning of the academic 2008-2009 year students from the Technical University in Varna and cadets from the N.Y.Vaptsarov Naval Academy have their lectures in “Fluid Mechanics” and “Theory and Structure of the Ship” there.

The students/cadets education includes experiment planning, model preparation, experiment observation, data processing and analysis.



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* Wind Tunnel

* Air Filters Test Stand

* Multifunctional Aerodynamic Stand

* Educational Centre


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